Hiawatha Artist Lofts

Hiawatha Artist Lofts
Seattle, WA

Marpac Construction feels privileged to be a part of the Artspace team. We share Artspace’s concern for the arts, artist communities, and the value they add to the lives of people throughout the country, but especially in our city. The Hiawatha Artist Lofts project, in particular, hits close to home. Located less than half a mile from our office, the project is literally in our neighborhood. We can see the building from our office terrace.

The 61-unit, four-story mixed use building with one level of below grade parking was intended to resemble a warehouse. The Architect’s design also provided large floor-to-ceiling windows to meet artists’ need for high levels of natural light. The stacks of windows, in combination with the vertically-oriented metal siding, left no margin of error for the vertical alignment of the windows. Factory fabricated wall panels were used to help provide the necessary quality control.

The site presented challenges with unsuitable soils and groundwater. The scope also called for the development of a city-owned alley laden with underground utilities. This work required an inordinate amount of coordination with Seattle City Light. During preconstruction and through construction we assisted the Owner in its dealings with SCL.

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