Passion. Experience. Commitment to excellence.

Who We Are
Donald and Douglas Mar founded Marpac in 1995 after 15 years of experience working with their father at Pacific Components, Inc. Today, Marpac is owned by Don, Doug and three other Members, Herman Setijono, Jon Okada and Sai Chaleunphonh. Marpac’s Members are “hands on” and provides the Marpac team leadership through foresight and leading by example. The Members are dedicated to our clients as well as our employees and strive to enrich the lives of those we work with through a balance of hard work and fun.

The Marpac Culture
Marpac Values
Our business culture is formed by our values. We strive to be passionate about our work, accountable to our responsibilities and committed to excellence. In order to do so, we need to uphold our integrity, treat others with respect, be proud of our work, put safety first, and always look for win/win solutions.
The majority of Marpac’s works are negotiated projects involving preconstruction services. Our in-house team is made up of Members, project managers, engineers, superintendents, administrative staff and a diverse range of craftsmen. Naturally our staff works in unison as a team. But teamwork extends beyond ourselves. Teamwork is viewed holistically to include the client, the design team and our subcontractors.