Marpac. The right choice.

Marpac believes in being a trusted advisor to its clients. We emphasize the highest levels of company quality, job management, knowledge and integrity in every project we develop.

[W]e’ve become one of the region’s leading firms by offering expertise and innovative solutions. Our service based management style and best-in-class know-how have earned us relationships with many repeat clients. We aim to serve each client in a way that Marpac is their first choice as General Contractor.

Service and Integrity
Our commitment to client service, quality construction and integrity continues to strengthen and deepen our relationship with clients. Since developing these relationships, most of our work originates from past clients or referrals from them.
Skilled People
Through best practices in safety, quality control and craftsmanship Marpac continues to lead the industry. Marpac ensures that each phase of the project is handled with the utmost care and expertise. Marpac conducts continuous training for our staff through apprenticeship training at CITC (a state approved apprenticeship program), safety seminars, and other classes to enhance our staffs skill and knowledge. We further develop our employees’ skills and motivation through team work, education and fair compensation. The company is only as good as the people who work there and our repeat clientele speaks for itself.

Quality and Value Assurance
We believe that the pre-construction phase is one of the most crucial phases in the overall life of a project. Our methodologies are comprehensive and deliberate. This is where the partnering begins; best practices and lessons learned are shared.
Building Community
Our continued success in “Building Community” a philosophy that has been instilled upon by the founders. This goes beyond the construction of community serving facilities. It includes sacrifices of time and resources to ensure the success and continuation of helping others in need. Marpac’s deep commitment to the community begins with the principals of the company.

We love what we do and conduct all business with integrity and responsibility. We strive to provide the best value in the industry and evolve in order to give you innovative solutions.