Wing Luke Museum

At Marpac, we strive to provide the best value in the industry.
We continue to evolve in order to bring you innovative solutions.

Quality and Value Assurance
Obtaining the best value for each and every client is what sets Marpac Construction apart from the competition. To that end, we believe that good preconstruction services are crucial to achieving this goal.
Service and Integrity
The owners of Marpac are deeply committed to maintaining the highest levels of integrity. Our objective is to manage ourselves and our relationships fairly, honestly, with enthusiasm and respect for others. We strive to be competent as well as trustworthy.
Building Community
Community outreach and involvement are part of our company culture. Building community goes far beyond the construction of community serving facilities.

Skilled People
We attract and keep outstanding people by encouraging innovative thinking, providing opportunities for growth, and recognizing outstanding performance. We strive to be creative and resourceful through innovation and technology.
Featured projects
  • Wing Luke Asian Museum
  • Uwajimaya Village
  • KWA Senior City

Outstanding service. First and foremost.

Our commitment to client service, quality construction and integrity continues to strengthen and deepen our relationship with clients.

Our mission is to be a model of success and a leader in our community. We build a lasting legacy of great buildings and even greater relationships.